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Terms & Conditions

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1. The reservation of the trip is made after receiving personal data consistent with the records in the passport and paying the deposit. The deposit is 500 CAD for air trips and 100 CAD for coach trips, unless different deposit amount is required for a specific trip. The customer is required to provide the final payment 60 days before an air trip and 30 days before a coach trip. In case of special offers, full payment may be required at the time of reservation. Changes to the reservation, if such are permitted, or cancellation of the trip must be made in writing.

2. The organizers strongly recommend the purchase of trip cancellation insurance and medical insurance, if the customer does not have one already. Tour program should be attached to the receipt received by the customer upon the purchase of a trip. The customer is responsible for checking the accuracy of the tour program information against the information on the receipt.

3. The organizer reserves the right to increase tour price by up to 7%, only if the customer paid the deposit. If the customer provided a full payment, the organizer does not have the right to increase the price of the trip. However, if, due to causes beyond the organizer’s control, the cost of organizing the trip considerably increases, the customer who provided a full payment has the right to reject the new conditions and receive a full refund. This law does not apply if the price increase is due to the substantial increase in government taxes or fuel charges approved by the Canadian Transportation Agency.

4. In case of air trips, it is the customer’s responsibility to check the time of departing flights. The organizer is not responsible for changes introduced by airlines, which may affect the execution of the tourist service. The customer should be at the airport at least 3 hours before departure for international flights and 2 hours before departure for domestic flights. In case of coach tours, the customer should be present at the meeting location at least half an hour before the scheduled departure of the coach.

5. Airline tickets are non-refundable and valid only for the scheduled trips. Scheduled departure date can not be changed or transferred.

6. Permitted baggage includes a bag, a luggage, a suitcase or a backpack weighing no more than 23 kg and a carry-on baggage. Some carriers charge additional fee for baggage, which is the responsibility of the customer.

7. The organizer is not be responsible for any loss or damage that results from war or any acts of war, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism, acts of nature, fires, epidemics or other health hazards, technical problems with transport, delayed flights due to technical reasons or weather conditions, airports shutdowns, and other similar situations that remain outside the organizer’s influence and responsibility.

8. There are no refunds for unused service components (for example, accommodation, meals, transfers).

9. Passport is the main travel document. The customer is responsible for obtaining and paying for entry visas if such are required. The customer is obliged to have all necessary documents to cross the border. Airlines have the right to refuse issuing a boarding pass to a customer that does not have proper travel documents. In case of refusal, it is the customer’s responsibility to join the group, meeting the logistical and financial consequences. Note! Refusal of entry to another country may also be issued even if you have all necessary documents. The customer’s previous conflict with the law may be the reason of such decision.

10. The customer should be aware that the standards of living and travel conditions in other countries may be different from those in Canada. Some trips require good fitness and good health condition. The organizer recommends to consult your family doctor before booking a trip. Travel reports and warnings are available from government site. Countries which has a risk of health hazard may require a vaccine but client has to be advise to contact family MD. Travel agent never ever discuss with client which vaccine will need for the trip. This has to be done by Medicine Doctor. Advisory is available from government site. Vaccination will do family MD or will send client to special Travel Vaccination Clinic, located in every major city; to locate use link.

11. The organizer is not responsible for any loss, damage, loss of health, whether mental or physical, suffered by the customers as a result of delays, strikes or civil disturbances. The organizer is not responsible for providing additional equipment and replacement service, for any defects and mechanical damage caused in any way, or for any dereliction of duty, mistakes or faults caused by the subcontractors. The organizer shall not be liable for any additional expenses resulting from the negligence of subcontractors, and the customer hereby waives the right to any compensation for any loss, damage or loss of health.

12. The organizer reserves the right to refuse the registration for a trip in special cases. During the trip, the customer is obliged to adhere to generally accepted standards of public behavior under threat of exclusion from the trip.

13. The organizer recommends to settle all disputes amicably. Any complaint or grievance must be directed in writing to the address of the organizer within 30 days after the end of the trip.